As an online entrepreneur, the thing that sucks most is you need to fail before you can achieve real success. In most people’s cases, this means failing a lot. I was no different, for more about how I end up here, check my story. Failure is inevitable (unless you found the right information) it’s the only way to success. As you know, this accounts for every great thing you did in your life. The first big win was when you finally learned to walk, without falling every 5 min.

But like you properly already know, we, online entrepreneurs, get an EXTRA special dose of it in the early days. 
Most people fail to make their online business success because of their fear of (past) failure. You’re your biggest obstacle to overcome, and fear of failure reigns supreme in this regard. You need to do everything you can to get this right if you’re serious about winning this game.

1) Prepare Yourself to Succeed

Before you even start your online business, you need to do good research on what ‘vehicle’ you’re going to use. Ultimately the goal is to drive those good old Benjamins into our bank accounts, with as less risk as possible. In other words, what opportunity do you think is best to become financially free the fastest way possible. That’s right, the choice you make, and the way you set everything make up ALL the difference (by a gazillion miles) into the future. Because you need to find exactly what tasks should be done to reach your goals in a few months or even weeks.

And if you know exactly what you’re going to do business-wise, in combination with some expert guidance, is the ultimate recipe to start to see your first massive wins in the shortest amount of time. I know you struggled enough, and you feel it’s time for a massive (and positive) change to turn your life around for the better. You came to the right place my friend 🙏 I know for a fact, that the best shortcut you can take in your business, and thus life, is to follow a proven blueprint for success. 

If you’ve chosen at least what direction you want to go in, here is an extra tip for you:

Start with the essentials. Begin your new company or enhance your currently existing job with a checklist of points that need to be done to set up or increase. I recommend that any kind of item on your list that will make you money (i.e., a marketing idea) or conserve your money (mass mailing) need to be dealt with first. This means you first learn how to do your business. Well, you know how to fail. Ideally, you can fail by not doing anything or doing stupid things.

2) Change Your Attitude

So all successful entrepreneurs had failures in their carrier, and then I mean in their early days. It’s inevitable for all of us. Even the greatest entrepreneurs of all time had failures. The sooner you figure out that the negative feedback loop MUST be broken, and you can overcome the bad taste of your past failures, and start to feel good or even great again (the better you feel the better), the faster you will gain access to some sort of flow state and cash in those early wins 💰

The thing is, our life is run by our subconscious by almost 99%. And failure triggers a little voice that says we suck. That’s what going on, plain and simple. This inevitably seeps through to our very core and is picked up by our subconsciousness.  I tried many, many different methods to heal from my past failures and wounds myself. I will devote a whole blog post on this in the (near) future, but I think my (still very infrequent) meditations, combined with some ‘brainwave therapy’, aka, listening to some amazing soundtracks with healing frequencies, did the 90+% of the healing for me. And I know, it sounds really weird at first, that listening to a frequency can change your subconscious, but it really (really) worked for me, so why wouldn’t it work for you?

Here are 2 of my favorite YouTube Channels, and in particular those 2 tracks of them:

Master of Abundance

Healing Meditation

3) Do Not Allow Yourself to Be Intimidated By Other People’s Success

Nobody achieved life-changing success a short while after they decided to start a new business. That’s just not how it happens, right? Why do we allow ourselves then to be intimidated by massively successful people? As you probably figured, most entrepreneurs came from nothing, and make their way through many pitfalls life has to offer a fresh entrepreneur.

We’re all somewhere on this curve: 

Money S-curve

Every niche has a group of companies and individuals that get to the top. You should make it a habit of learning from and not being intimidated by their successes.
It’s always advisable to study the failures and successes of entrepreneurs, no matter the industry or business they are in. There are many great biographies from many great men. It’s ALWAYS a great idea to read the best.

Remember, you’re on a mission to build a unique online business imperium, aren’t you? So, you should embrace your uniqueness. Respect the performance of other online entrepreneurs but do never envy them. You can’t beat the ones at the top (for now at least ;)). Do things your way, stick to the plan, and one day, you’ll achieve massive success. It’s all in the actions you must keep taking.

4) Keep Taking (the Right) Action!

You can also overcome your fears of failure by just taking MASSIVE action in the right direction. Keep pushing past your comfort zone. The only zone for true growth! The single biggest issue with improving your business and thus life is that you’re not taking consistent action over a longer period of time. Now, consistency isn’t the sexiest thing to do, by any means. But it’s behind this repetitive process, that all great things are built.

Do something every day that advances your (make money online) goals (ACTION!), and you keep yourself and/or your family healthy, with enough time and money in the bank. Try to shoot for at least $2- 4k at all times. This will ensure you can actually raise your vibration, and not allow money issues to take you down, mentally, and even spiritually.

This has been for ANYTHING our species build, from the beginning of our time. (It sounds so dramatic, haha) But it is, over time, the one and only enabler for real results in life! It truly is. Sticking with your (business) plan, chopping it up into bite-sized little chunks, and also working on it every single day (keeps the momentum going – very important) — and not simply when you feel passionate or something like that — is really, really powerful.

This is something I have battled with a lot in the past. And on some off days, I still do at this moment in time. But you’re in luck! Throughout the years I tried many different things, and I’ve found a couple of things that actually help me the most with this:

When you’re taking action, try to focus only on the next little task you need to do.

And try to get into the present moment. This book is a must-read in this regard: The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

I take responsibility for showing up and doing my workout/my writing. That’s it. When you have clarity, it becomes really childishly simple all of the sudden. Isn’t that amazing, haha 😊 You will start to see results when you take consistent action. Take for example the game ‘The Sims (4)‘. If you play life smart and take small actions every day, you get ahead, and eventually, win business, and life.

When I focus only on the next little task, it makes it much easier for me to take this activity since: I know that mini task is all I require to concentrate on at that moment in time. This doesn’t make it not only really doable, but my energy levels are way up too. All because I need to focus only on one instruction and consequently, I do a far better job. Every time again.

If you’re not doing it like this already, you need to try this approach for yourself, really. It’s that good this approach is. I also feel a great deal less pressure on myself. And I’m so much more relaxed too. Before I did it like this, I was on a terrible emotional roller rollercoaster – daily. Never again. Also, try to find your top reasons for why you are doing all this. Take it deep with this. It could be simply providing for your family members, saving for a life-changing trip, or increasing your confidence. But most of us do it to achieve the ultimate freedom.

Try not to lose track of why you are taking your daily actions: Write down your most important why’s. Take a few minutes, sit down with paper and pen, and write all your why that come in. Take your time. You can make it an (extensive) mediation for the best results. Afterward, make a list of your top 3 – 4 why’s, and write them on your whiteboard or make a little design you can print and stick to a prominent place in your house. Preferably a place you see a lot, like daily. So when you wake up, you see it every morning.

Also, to finish it off, I want to declare to you that by celebrating your wins, you get to win faster. Don’t take away your pleasures, it will lower your vibration, and make it (much) more difficult for you to achieve success. Go to some (friend’s) parties, have a great time each day, do enjoy the company of other people, indulge yourself in something nice from time to time, and don’t be afraid to spend some money. This will increase your frequency, and it will help you to achieve the ultimate freedom.

The Conclusion

In the end, it all comes down to knowing what actions you must take to achieve your financial goals! And then take (massive) action, on a daily basis. The #1 reason people fail to succeed online is they didn’t choose the right ‘vehicle’, or business blueprint, and have no clear plan of action.

But that doesn’t have to be the case for you. Things are changing rapidly, and new money-making opportunities arise all around the globe. We live in the Information Age (the Digital Age), a historical period that began mid-20th century. This means that information holds the key to something better (or worse). The right piece of information at the right time can work like magic.

After many years of struggling to make money online (read more About Me), I found the perfect online business model! 

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👉 I hope you enjoyed this blog post 🙏 Let us know what I should add. What did you struggled with most (or still do)? Let us know in the comments below!


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